Friday, February 22, 2013

CoffeeCow Reviews Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” 

~ Robert A. Heinlein 

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups
We agree with Robert – a good, balanced breakfast can make all the difference for your morning; even your entire day. Getting off on the right foot can help build confidence, motivation, productivity, and keep you in a generally positive mood. If breakfast can do all of that, think of what you can accomplish with breakfast AND a great-tasting cup of coffee! Today, we’re reviewing Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups to see if this K-Cup is the perfect complimentary beverage to your breakfast.

General Information: Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups feature a light-roasted coffee with a refreshing taste that adds a jump start to every morning. Each box contains 24 single serve cups for use in your Keurig K-Cup brewer.

The Test: We’re having apples and cinnamon pancakes with real maple syrup – yum. Once you have your favorite breakfast in front of you, grab a Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cup and begin to brew.

The subtle nutty aroma and taste, accompanied by ripe citrus fruit notes, make for a clean and refreshing cup of coffee. The only con we see – the mouthfeel is a bit thin.

The Result: On a scale from 1-5, we rate Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups a 4! It’s hard not to love this coffee – the aroma, the taste, the magical capability to awaken the senses – how could you not love Green Mountain’s Breakfast Blend?

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friends & Coffee

Coffee is more than just a deliciously caffeinated beverage – it has the ability to bring people together. Take a coffee house, for example. When you want to get together with a few friends for something low-key, a coffee house is the perfect place.

In fact, The Central Perk was known as such a place back in 1994, where the characters of the hit comedy show “Friends” would hang out and catch up on the events of the day. Who wouldn’t want to lounge on a big comfy couch surrounded by friends with good (mostly comedic) conversation and an insanely good cup of coffee?

If you’re feeling out of touch with your friends, we encourage you to get the group together and head to a coffee house this weekend. Whether you choose a chain, a corner mom and pop cafĂ©, or the “coffee house” in your home, make a plan to meet up on a regular basis. It certainly doesn’t have to be as often as the cast of “Friends” hung out at The Central Perk, but even getting together a few set times a year can make a difference in your relationships and yourself.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Monday Mornings Blues? Coffee Can Help in More Ways Than One!

Get a Coffee Tasting Education
It’s inevitable – the weekend is always too short and Monday is just around the corner…and those Monday mornings can sometimes be dreadful! You know the morning we’re talking about, when you wake up late and lay in bed contemplating calling out “sick.”

Ever have a Monday morning like that?

Even if you have a dream job, not every day is going to be like a glorious slice of pie (or cup of gourmet coffee), but you can certainly make the best of it. Don’t beat yourself up too much for getting a late start or grumbling all morning – nobody’s perfect. And go ahead – have that glorious slice of pie and gourmet cup of coffee – they’re bound to make you smile.

Get a Coffee Education

Maybe mornings are so tough because of a lack of motivation to go to work. Whether you love what you do or you’re looking for a career change, here’s an interesting reason to go back to school. The SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) recently announced the launch of a certification program for…coffee tasting! You can become a coffee professional and perform tasks such as grading green coffee. The education doesn’t stop there - check out other SCAA Personal Development programs.

Mornings and school can sometimes be downright dreadful, but the outcome can be great (especially with a great-tasting cup of coffee by your side). can certainly help you stock your cabinets with high-quality coffee, preparing you for anything your day throws at you. With single serve coffee potion packs, you can have a fresh cup of coffee every time you brew.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

CoffeeCow Reviews Twinings Camomile Tea K-Cups

Whether you’re looking to warm up on a cold, wintry day or just looking to rest your mind and body, a hot cup of tea is sure to do the trick. Today, we’re reviewing Twinings version of pure relaxation – Twinings Camomile Tea K-Cups. Will this tea be as calming and satisfying as it claims? Let’s find out together!

Pure Camomile Tea, Keurig K-Cup | Twinings of London®General Information: Twinings Camomile Tea K-Cups are naturally caffeine free and made with 100% pure Camomile Herbal Tea. Each box contains 24 single serve cups for use in your Keurig machine.

The Test: It’s all about being comfy, so change into your favorite lounge wear. Once you have your mug in place and the brewing has begun, take note of the floral scent that fills the air. Why yes, that is quite soothing.

Now for the real test – the taste test. For this, you’ll need to find a tranquil spot in the house to sit and unwind. This could be an old antique armchair in the reading room, the leather sofa in the living room or even in bed. Wherever your favorite spot is, now is the time to head there – and quick before your tea gets cold! When you’re all settled in, take that first sip. You find yourself immediately at peace with the light, yet rich, flavor of camomile. You can also feel good knowing you’re drinking a tea that’s 100% pure and naturally caffeine free.

The Result: On a scale from 1-5, we rate Twinings Camomile Tea K-Cups a 5! After a cup of this tea, we can’t help but feel completely satisfied and stress-free.

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