Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Latest Trends in Coffee Tech Gadgets

Coffee Cow is your destination for great-tasting coffee, tea, espresso and specialty drinks at affordable prices, where you can find everything from Flavia Freshpacks to Soft Coffee Pods and Nespresso Vertuo Capsules. But for the coffee obsessed, simply buying delicious coffee isn’t enough. If you’re a coffee lover and a tech junky, combine your two passions with these coffee tech gadgets that take drinking coffee to new heights.

The latest trends in coffee tech gadgets include new innovations like portable espresso machines, temperature-controlled mugs and even a self-stirring coffee mug. Which coffee gadget trend will you indulge in? These coffee tech gadgets will make your daily dose of caffeine even better!

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug
Allow your coffee mug to do all the work for you with a self-stirring mug that will stir the milk or cream into your coffee or stir your instant hot cocoa mix into your hot water or milk. Most self-stirring mugs work by pressing a button on the handle of the mug to prompt the motor to spin and stir.

Portable Espresso Machine
Do you want to continue making your morning cup of espresso you’re accustomed to having each day even while on vacation, or anywhere away from home? Invest in this coffee tech gadget that provides the espresso you love on the go. With a portable espresso maker, be your own barista anytime, anywhere.

Luggage Travel Coffee Cup Holder
Free up your hands while at the airport and invest in a luggage travel coffee cup holder for your next trip on an airplane. This coffee tech gadget allows you the convenience of making your favorite coffee at home, pouring it into your favorite mug and attaching the cup holder to your luggage. Clip the holder to your suitcase and stroll through the airport with your hands free.

Temperature Controlled Mug
To keep your coffee the temperature you want it for as long as you desire, try a temperature controlled mug. Smart mugs with temperature control are perfect coffee tech gadgets for those who are busy and want to regulate their coffee or tea’s temperature throughout the day, even after setting it down and forgetting it several times.

Digital Coffee Scale
A smart coffee scale will take your ordinary morning brew to gourmet coffee heaven. You might have witnessed your barista weighing out coffee beans before brewing, resulting in the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. Make coffee at home like your favorite barista by cutting out the guesswork and weighing the perfect amount of coffee for the ideal coffee to water ratio.

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