Friday, June 28, 2013

CoffeeCow Reviews TASSIMO Corner Coffeehouse Sweet Vanilla Latte T DISCs

Fast forward to tomorrow morning – you’re sitting in your favorite chair, reading your favorite book, and watching the sunrise. That's when you stop to think how relaxing this moment is and how it couldn’t get any better…but wait! The sudden urge for a coffeehouse cup o’ Joe is upon you, but you’d hate to disrupt this perfect moment to make a coffee run…

Now suppose you’re the proud owner of a TASSIMO coffee brewer. That means that, in a matter of seconds, you’re able to enjoy a coffeehouse cup of coffee whenever the moment strikes you. And, with TASSIMO Corner Coffeehouse Sweet Vanilla Latte T DISCs, you couldn’t ask for more - or could you?

Today we’re taste-testing TASSIMO Corner Coffeehouse Sweet Vanilla Latte T DISCs to either prove or disprove their claim that this coffee is just like grabbing a cup from your local coffeehouse.

General Information: Every box of TASSIMO Corner Coffeehouse Sweet Vanilla Latte contains eight servings per package (8 coffee T DISCs and 8 milk creamer T DISCs) for use in TASSIMO T DISC brewers only.

The Test: Favorite chair – check. Favorite book – check. Sunrise – check. Now for the coffee!

We first brew a milk creamer T DISC followed by a T DISC of coffee. 60 seconds later and we have a steaming hot cup of coffee. The aroma of sweet vanilla is intoxicating and we can hardly wait to take that first sip.

After finally taking that first sip, we notice the latte is sweet and delicious with a thick and creamy mouthfeel.

The Result: On a scale from 1-5, we rate TASSIMO Corner Coffeehouse Sweet Vanilla Latte T DISCs a 4, but only if you like sweet lattes. If you like your coffee black, this coffee may not be for you.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Coffee Run

Coffee Run_CoffeeCow
A new wave of 5k novelty runs has been popping up within the last few years, and they’re nothing to scoff at – they raise a ton of money for a variety of causes! These 5k runs are often fun and less pressure for the participants because it’s not so much about racing as it is about having a good time for a good cause, and there is literally a run for everyone. You can find anything from a 5k where you dress up and run as a superhero to a 5k where you run at night and everything glows!

Some novelty runs can be a bit more intense where you’re not only running, you’re running through obstacle courses. That’s when we got to thinking - there should be a coffee obstacle course run where people run over hot and roasting coffee beans, swim through giant cups of coffee, and have iced coffee thrown at them at the finish line. Alas, a “coffee run” will probably always mean one thing - “running” out to grab a cup of coffee.

So whether you’re a serious marathon runner or a novice, your meal before the race should be accompanied by a great-tasting, energizing cup of coffee – and you know just the cow to get it from…

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