Friday, November 30, 2012

Coffee Fame

Is coffee famous? We think so!

Think about it – “Coffee” is a household name, everyone knows who “Coffee” is and Coffee’s presence is everywhere, all at once. Besides our very own famous CoffeeCow, we decided to make a list of other evidence supporting coffee’s fame.

Coffee people, places & things…

Do you sometimes feel like you drink so much coffee, it could be your middle name? Well, what if it were your last name? Look at General Hospital actress, Claire Coffee, or famous hockey player, Paul Coffey!

Speaking of coffee places, there’s a famous coffeehouse named “Café Procope” in Paris, and it's not your regular Starbucks. This coffeehouse was established in 1686 and still exists to this day! Famous people in history frequented the Café Procope, like French writer/philosopher/playwright Voltaire. Not only is this café a piece of history, it’s also a coffeehouse that’s been around for 326 years – they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to coffee. With that being said, adding this attraction to your Paris tour agenda is a must!

Coffee ought to be (& is) in pictures! 

Here’s a clip from 1983’s Sudden Impact. Dirty Harry (played by Clint Eastwood) has the same cup of coffee every day and has been for the last 10 years – a large black coffee, no sugar. Unbeknownst to him, the diner where he makes his daily coffee trip is being robbed! As a cry for help, Dirty Harry’s waitress pours so much sugar in his coffee that he knows something is wrong with the very first sip and comes back to save the day…him and his partners Smith & Wesson.

Another coffee appearance takes place in The Bucket List, when Carter (Morgan Freeman) breaks the news to Edward (Jack Nicholson) about the expensive Kopi Luwak coffee he loves so much and how exactly it’s made. They get a good laugh, even laugh until they cry.

Ever feel like singing about coffee? You’re not alone.

In 1941, The King Sisters sing “Java Jive” where they express their deepest love for coffee. Apparently, the java jive also loved The King Sisters. Maybe it’s because they drank “a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup!”
Shortly after The King Sisters rendition of “Java Jive,” Ella Fitzgerald passionately sings “Black Coffee” in 1948. Ella’s black coffee seems to be the only thing keeping her company in the lonely, wee hours of the morning. We’re pretty sure most people can relate.

So, there you have it. The evidence has been presented and this list is only just scratching the surface. Visit today to celebrate coffee and what it brews for you.

Friday, November 23, 2012

CoffeeCow Reviews Diedrich Rio Blend Coffee K-Cups

CoffeeCow Reviews Diedrich Rio Blend Coffee K-Cups
It’s that time of year when consumers hit the retail stores to take advantage of the best sales. If you’re thinking of going shopping this week, remember to bring a great-tasting cup of coffee along for the ride. That cup o’ joe could go a long way and may even motivate you to stick in there in moments of doubt – you know, when you’re standing in long, never-ending lines or fighting to the death for that last item on the shelf. In a sense, the perfect cup of coffee could potentially help you save a substantial amount of moo-lah.

At CoffeeCow, we’re always on the lookout for the newest and greatest coffee on the market. That’s why we’re inviting you to take a trip with us today! We’re headed to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where we will get acquainted with Diedrich Rio Blend Coffee K-Cups. Let’s see if this K-Cup lives up to its South American roots.

General Information: Diedrich’s Rio Blend Coffee contains 24 single serve cups per box for use in your Keurig machine.

The Test: After mentally preparing for our mini-vacation, we popped a Rio Blend K-Cup in our Keurig and were pleased within moments. The aroma alone is enough to get your mouth watering, as it’s almost chocolate-like! With that said, letting the coffee cool down before sipping is highly recommended.

Upon first sip, this medium-roasted coffee speaks for itself. Rio Blend is sweet with hints of dried fruit and has a pleasant mouthfeel. This java is just right – not too strong, not too weak, but perfection in a K-Cup. The caffeine boost you get is, in a word, GRAND!

The Result: On a scale from 1-5, we rate Diedrich Rio Blend Coffee K-Cups a 5. Try this coffee black or with cream – it’s tasty any way you have it.

Visit today and view our Diedrich K-Cup selection.

Friday, November 16, 2012

What If We Killed the Joe & COULDN’T Make Some Mo’?

Extinction of CoffeeThere’s a sidesplitting skit you may have seen floating around YouTube of a football player who has stolen the hearts of coffee lovers and office workers everywhere. Terry Tate is known as the “Office Linebacker” and handles crimes of the office. You see a man in the act of committing a cardinal sin – he has just finished off the coffee and (gasp!) walked away without making a fresh pot, even ignoring the sign that politely asks drinkers to make another pot when they finish off the coffee. Terry knocks the man down and proceeds to point and yell in his face, exclaiming “You kill the Joe, you make some mo’!” Seems like only the considerate thing to do, but what if you simply couldn’t make more? Could coffee go the way of the dinosaurs? Can you imagine NOT having your first cup of coffee in the morning? If coffee was no mo’, what in the world could replace it?

Check out the news story on the extinction of coffee.

Worried yet?

Recent studies (conducted by Researchers at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew and the Environment and Coffee Forest Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) suggest coffee’s extinction IS possible! The culprit? Global warming. If global warming continues on the destructive path it’s on, there’s no telling the devastation it will actually cause. Scientists can only speculate what is to come and they say that one of the victims of global warming could be the Arabica plant.

The theory as it stands now is that, in about 70 years, coffee will be extinct. How is that possible? Arabica plants are weak in a sense, as they are highly susceptible to changes in climate, insects and disease. Scientists say that a climate change due to global warming will eventually cause the vulnerable Arabica plants to dry out and die off by the year 2080! While this is the worst-case scenario, even the best-case scenario shows a reduction in land that will be capable of growing the Arabica plant.

If coffee’s extinction is eminent, hopefully we’ll concoct a worthy replacement. If not, we may have more of a problem on our hands than we think. Just imagine your zombie-self in the morning before you have had your first cup of coffee and multiply that by all the coffee drinkers in the world...this could be catastrophic.

Jokes aside, this is even more of a reason to recognize global warming as a viable threat and take measures to care for the environment proactively, hopefully reducing the risk of worst-case global warming conditions for future generations. For the time being, anyway, CoffeeCow and its Fans are safe, sound and able to make a fresh cup of coffee with every K-Cup or other single serve portion packs.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Year End 2012 – CoffeeCow Gift Ideas

Year End 2012 – CoffeeCow Gift Ideas
It's hard to believe that 2013 is right around the corner! With the year winding down comes gift-giving, and we've got you covered. Your coffee-loving friends and family will adore these gifts from CoffeeCow:

Single Serve Coffee & Brewers: Who doesn't love convenience? Brew a delicious, gourmet cup of coffee in under a minute with single serve coffee brands & brewers. We know that your loved ones will appreciate the gift - not only of the coffee, but of the time it will save them. Check out the Keurig starter collections we carry at

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Gift Certificates: Unsure what to get the special coffee-lover in your life? A CoffeeCow Gift Certificate may be just what you need! Our gift certificates are good for any purchase and we have a large variety of coffee, brewers and other products to choose from.

Whether you’re in pursuit of a gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life, the person that has everything or even for yourself, make sure to add to your shopping list.

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