Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CoffeeCow Reviews Newman’s Own Special Blend Organic Coffee K-Cups

Newman’s partnered with Green Mountain Coffee to develop Newman’s Own Special Blend Medium Roast Extra Bold Coffee; a strong, yet smooth blend that has been grown and processed according to the strictest organic standards. The result is K-cup coffee that is Fair Trade Certified and pleasing to your palate.

At CoffeeCow, we’re all about saving the planet and contributing to the greater good, but we also demand a great cup of coffee to start the day. We brewed some on a manic Monday morning and our verdict is below.

The Test: We’re a bit moody in the morning. Some of us want a dark roast coffee to awaken or senses and get us moving while some of us need a bold yet mild coffee, and some of us want a bit of both! Our coffee dream is to find one coffee blend to hit all of our moving targets.

We popped a K-cup into our Keurig coffee maker and immediately the aroma made our taste buds perk up in anticipation of the promise of a cup of coffee infused with favorite flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel.

The cup couldn’t brew fast enough, but it was worth the wait! At first sip, we were immersed in a study of flavor contradiction: bold yet refined, strong yet smooth, hearty and full-bodied, but no bitterness. We’re in love!

We can drink this blend black or with a favorite flavored creamer. We can save time and money stocking up because no matter whom we’re entertaining at home or the office, Newman’s Special Blend coffee is sure to satisfy.

Best of all, there’s no bitter aftertaste so you won’t have to rush to brush your teeth to combat coffee breath.

The Result: On a scale of 1-5, we give Newman’s Own Special Blend Medium Roast Extra Bold Coffee a 4.5. This coffee woke us up with its tiny bite and amazing deep flavor. This blend is a large crowd pleaser! Light roast coffee fans may not appreciate the smoky, almost dark chocolate overtones while dark roast coffee fans may not appreciate the splash of dried-fruit sweetness.

General Information: Each box of Newman’s Own Special Blend Extra Bold Coffee K-Cups contains 24 single-serve cups for your Keurig K-Cup brewer.

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