Friday, March 29, 2013

Does Your Coffee Preference Change With the Season?

Coffee for Spring: Shop CoffeeCow
It’s not just the weather that changes with the season, but one’s mindset as well. Perhaps your spring mindset is focused on updating your wardrobe for the season while also performing some spring cleaning around the house. Seasons are all about change, which begs the question - does your coffee preference change, too?

We’re here to tell you that, no matter what your preference, CoffeeCow has you covered. Hot and iced coffees and teas will get you through any season, all year long. Are you the proud owner of a Keurig coffee brewer? Try K-Cup flavors like Green Mountain’s Island Coconut Coffee! It’s a seasonal treat that’s a perfect spring match for your coffee mug.

BONUS: Spring cleaning is all about a deep cleaning and organizing of your home. Now you can make sure your coffee arsenal stays nice’n’organized with some of the coffee/K-Cup organizational solutions we carry at CoffeeCow!

Let us know, do you change your coffee preference with the season change, or are you loyal to one brand/flavor?

Friday, March 22, 2013

So You Want to Open up Shop: 5 Tips to Help Make Your Coffee Shop Dream a Reality

Tips to Help Make Your Coffee Shop Dream a Reality
You find yourself out and about one day and notice there’s a vacant storefront with a “For Sale” sign in the window. It’s located on a main street in a quaint little town and you can’t help but wonder…could this be a sign telling you to follow your lifelong dream of owning and running your very own coffee shop?

At CoffeeCow, we believe in people living their dreams! To help take some guesswork out of the process, we’ve compiled a list of the basics – just 5 simple tips that can go a long way when applied to your coffee shop idea, making it a dream come true.

1.  Do your homework! Find out everything you can about running a business and your product - coffee (your many years of experience drinking coffee will only take you so far). Write up a business plan, get advice from other business owners, and learn about any permits and licenses you’ll need to obtain for the location you have in mind.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • How much money will be needed in startup costs to open the coffee shop?
  • Who will be your competitors?
  • When should you open and close up shop?
  • Should you sell other items? If so, what?
  • What promotions will make sense to offer?

2.  Serve good coffee. By “good coffee,” we mean the high quality stuff - the stuff that will keep your customers coming back and loyal to you over your competitors. If you have good coffee at a reasonable price, you’re one step closer to winning your customers over for the long haul.

3.  Cleanliness, atmosphere, and organizational culture can make all the difference. Ever walk into a dingy coffee shop that felt dirty and upon ordering your drink, you were told to come back in 10 minutes by the employee behind the counter who was too busy on the phone to serve you? Chances are, you’d NEVER go back to a place like that, so don’t expect your customers to, either. If you’re coffee shop is clean, the atmosphere is inviting, and your employees are friendly – you’re another step closer to winning more business.

Also make sure to treat your employees well, too. The happier they are, the happier the customers are, and that makes a happier you!

4.  Speaking of customer service…it’s all about customer service! When it comes to coffee shops, word of mouth can play a big role in someone choosing to visit (or not visit) your establishment. If you hire people that share your vision for the coffee shop and are a good fit for the culture, the possibilities are endless.

5.  Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically for the road ahead. It takes a ton of hard work and dedication to run any business, and things won’t always be on the up and up. Preparing yourself and your family for the unknown (and possibly bumpy!) road ahead is a good start.

And remember, work isn’t everything. Always make time for family, friends, and yourself! A little R&R is a must. Regular exercise and a social gathering here and there can help refresh the mind and body, leaving you ready to take on another day.

For more helpful tips, check out these articles from December of last year:

If you own/owned a coffee shop, please leave more tips in the comments below!

Friday, March 15, 2013

CoffeeCow Reviews Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cups

“I am committed to using only the finest and freshest products. 
People have come to expect that, and I will never let them down.” 
~ “The Bam Bam Man,” Emeril Lagasse

At 6 or 7 years old, Emeril Lagasse began cooking – and he’s never stopped. Emeril continued to follow his dream (his love of food), becoming a celebrity chef and successful business man in the process.

It’s clear that Emeril knows food, but does he know coffee? We’re going to put him to the test and review Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cups to see if his coffee is as good as everything else “The Bam Bam Man” creates.

General Information: Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cups feature an extra bold, dark-roasted coffee. Each box contains 24 single serve cups for use in your Keurig K-Cup brewer.

The Test: At CoffeeCow, we think the best test of coffee boldness is the morning - does it kick you into gear or make you want to cuddle in your comforter? With that being said, we went to bed with the alarm set for an early morning.

Waking up groggy is no fun, but we’re looking forward to our first cup of coffee. Half asleep and still in our PJs, we find our way to the kitchen where our Keurig and K-Cup await us. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: K-Cup, mug, button (in that order) and BAM, coffee is served!

We experience a pleasing aroma and intense gourmet flavors upon first sip. Big Easy Bold has a good mouthfeel but seems to have a sharp acidity that can be a negative.

The Result: On a scale from 1-5, we rate Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cups a 4! This coffee has a great combination of kick and gourmet flavor, perfect for any time of day, every day.

Ideas about what we can review next? Let us know in the comments below!

Visit today and browse our entire Keurig K-Cup selection.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Coffee Cocktails


Maybe you’re at work right now, daydreaming about your plans for this evening - is a tentative Happy Hour on the agenda? As it gets later in the day, it’s possible you may become hesitant about going anywhere and doing anything. You’re thinking you’d rather head home, throw on comfy pajamas, and have dinner in bed with your good friends Television and Remote Control. How is it that you were looking forward to a night of socializing and now you’re almost dreading it?

Solution: Add coffee to your spirits!

Hazelnut Expresso White Russians - A decadent, nutty cocktail with a kick of coffee. |

Check out these hot and iced coffee cocktails to stay awake and have fun tonight:

Hot Nutty Irishman Coffee: Delicious to the last drop and so simple to make, a cup of Nutty Irishman Coffee is like drinking your dessert!

Hot Mexican Coffee: Take a trip to Cabo and be there in 5 minutes with this mouth-watering Mexican Coffee recipe.

Espresso Martini: With so many varieties of Espresso Martinis, you could pretty much say the possibilities are endless.

Coffee Sambuca: Looking for an authentic Italian coffee beverage? All you need is some chilled Sambuca and 3 coffee beans with this Coffee Sambuca recipe. I mean, could it get any easier?

Happy Hour may end up at your house one night. Be prepared and stock up on all your coffee needs at today!

Friday, March 1, 2013

What Do Cats & Coffee Have in Common?

If you’re an animal lover, you know there’s nothing like sitting down with a nice, hot cup of coffee and a loving pet by your side. But what if you aren’t able to own a pet?

Answer: Visit a cat café!  in Philadelphia PA.

Philadelphia Cat Cafe

Cat cafés have been very popular in Japan and are now finding their way to London in May 2013. The owner of this up-and-coming café, Lauren Pears, saw a need for some feline therapy in London and came up with the idea. She explained that a large number of British city dwellers are often unable to own pets due to financial reasons, small apartments, or living in a rented home. Lauren decided to give some coffee and kitty lovin’ people their dream – a place they could go to sip gourmet coffee, spend time with good company, and relax, all while giving some felines a snazzy home!

So the cats don’t get too stressed out with the in-and-out business a café can bring, Lauren introduced a cover charge so that patrons of the café could stay as long as they like without feeling rushed and the cats can get to know the patrons. She even came up with the idea of allowing people to take care of the cats overnight when they are not able to afford the cover charge.

What Do Cats & Coffee Have in Common?
Not only are pets great companions, they can also help people cope with difficult situations in life. Dogs and cats can be brought in for “pet therapy” and help patients with depression, children with autism, and bring comfort to the elderly. Pet therapy has even been used to ease one’s fear of hospitals!

Who’s up for bringing the United States its very first cat café?

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