Friday, July 26, 2013

CoffeeCow Reviews TASSIMO Gevalia Skinny Cappuccino T DISCs

If you’re watching your fat and caloric intake, read this coffee review!

It seems we’re all pretty health conscious these days. From training and running a 5k to trying that new diet everyone’s been talking about, health and fitness are always on our minds. We strive to attain the rewards a good diet and exercise can bring, and we are constantly aware of the terrible toll an unhealthy diet without exercise can take physically and mentally.

With a healthy lifestyle on your mind, you dedicate time for exercise every day and eat right. There’s just one thing - you still have that one last guilty pleasure you’re desperately holding on to…your daily cappuccino. But who says you need to give up your favorite cappuccino beverage in lieu of a healthier you? Today we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to, by taste-testing TASSIMO Gevalia Skinny Cappuccino T DISCs and determining once and for all if you can have your delicious (low calorie, no fat) cappuccino and drink it too.

General Information: Every box of TASSIMO Gevalia Skinny Cappuccino T DISCs contains eight servings per package (8 coffee T DISCs and 8 milk creamer T DISCs) for use in TASSIMO T DISC brewers only.

The Test: Whew! You just finished an amazing workout at the gym – weights, cardio, and even some Yoga. As you’re driving home, you can’t help but think about sipping a hot cappuccino to help you relax. That’s when you feel instant guilt for even thinking this because if you gave in and drank that cappuccino, you’d almost feel like that amazing workout was pointless.

But wait! There’s a box at your doorstep (from CoffeeCow, of course) and you suddenly remember that you recently ordered a box of TASSIMO Gevalia Skinny Cappuccino T DISCs. It’s time to rip open that box and get brewing!

A mild yet enticing dark roast aroma with chocolate notes fill the room. Hmm, it certainly smells like a cappuccino but does it taste like a cappuccino? Although the mouth feel is a bit watery, the body of this skinny cappuccino is light and creamy…and tastes delicious.

The Result: On a scale from 1-5, we rate TASSIMO Gevalia Skinny Cappuccino T DISCs a 5! If you’re working hard at the gym and counting your calories, you’ll fully enjoy this guiltless (and affordable!) cappuccino pleasure.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

The “It” Café

Clara Bow_The “It” Cafe_CoffeeCow
Have you ever visited a famous café? How about a famous café owned and operated by a Hollywood starlet?

Clara Bow was born in 1905 in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up was not easy for Clara as she dealt with serious family issues and money problems, but she held on to hope and dreamt of becoming a movie star. As luck would have it, she won a contest in 1921 to be in a motion picture and she was thrilled! Clara went on to star in 46 silent films and 11 “talkies.” One hit was called “It” and Clara became known as the original “IT-girl.”

After retiring from her acting career, Clara and her husband decided to open the “It” Café in 1937. The café was located in Los Angeles on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street. Although the “It” Café closed its doors shortly thereafter, we applaud Clara Bow for her idea to bring hot coffee, delectable pastries, and (Clara’s specialty) stewed prunes to the people of Hollywood in her own unique, “IT-girl” way.

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