Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 5 K-Cup Products at CoffeeCow (i.e. What Are Our Customers Buying?)

Do you sometimes rely on reviews and referrals to make a final decision on a product or service?

Reviews and referrals may help you narrow down your options or put your mind at ease if you’re on the fence about a decision you’ve made. At CoffeeCow, we understand this and encourage our fans to check out what other people are saying about the products we carry. In an effort to help you make that difficult choice on what K-Cup to try next, here are the Top 5 K-Cup products at

#5 - Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cups: Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse’s gourmet coffee is so heavenly that it’s no surprise Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cups come in at number five on our most popular K-Cup list! Whether you need a kick start to your day or a pick-me-up to get through it, Big Easy Bold K-Cups are a fabulous choice. If you enjoy bold, intense coffee, we highly recommend these K-Cups for your shopping cart.

#4 - Green Mountain Nantucket K-Cups: Coming in at number four, Green Mountain Nantucket K-Cups will instantly transport you to the island of Nantucket, MA! With a striking mix of flavors, Nantucket Blend K-Cups are known to delight the senses. Go ahead CoffeeCow fans, kick back and relax with this full-bodied coffee. Don’t forget to send us a postcard!

#3 - Green Mountain Dark Magic X-Bold K-Cups: Ready to be spellbound? Green Mountain Dark Magic X-Bold K-Cups will captivate your senses as our third most popular K-Cup product! Remember to add this extra bold roast to your shopping cart and begin to brew your own magic.

#2 - Coffee People Original Donut Shop K-Cups: Announcing the runner up as CoffeeCow’s most popular K-Cup, please welcome Coffee People’s own – Original Donut Shop K-Cups! There are no surprises with this K-Cup, just the old-fashioned coffee taste you love. As dependable as Donut Shop K-Cups are, they’re a must-have for your coffee arsenal.

#1 - Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups: The winner is……Breakfast Blend K-Cups from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (applause)! It’s not a shock that the number one K-Cup product at is from Green Mountain Coffee. The fact that three out of the five on our most popular K-Cup list has the Green Mountain Coffee label pays tribute to how good this coffee truly is. That’s why we encourage you to wake up to Breakfast Blend K-Cups.

 Where would these K-Cups be without Keurig? We imagine that Keurig would be the first acknowledged in an acceptance speech from any one of these marvelous K-Cups. If you are ready to experience all that Keurig has to offer, check out our selection of Keurig single serve brewers today!

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