Friday, April 26, 2013

CoffeeCow Reviews Newman’s Own Decaf Special Blend K-Cups

Newman’s Special Decaf Coffee, K-Cup, Keurig | Newman’s Own® Organics
I bought a decaffeinated coffee table…you can't even see a difference.  
~Author Unknown 

Many people poke fun at the idea of drinking decaffeinated coffee, but there is a reason it exists. For instance, if you need to stay away from caffeine but simply cannot do without coffee in your life, decaf coffee can be your best friend. And with a great-tasting popular brand like Newman’s Own, you may just forget you’re drinking decaf entirely.

Today, we’re taste-testing Newman’s Own Decaf Special Blend K-Cups to see if decaf coffee is really a joke or so good it’s NOT a laughing matter.

General Information: A fair trade certified and organic decaf medium-roasted coffee, Newman’s Own Decaf Special Blend K-Cups come in 24 single serve cups per box for your Keurig brewer.

The Test: It’s late in the day and we’ve got a hankering for coffee but don’t want to be up half the night. Perfect timing to try Newman’s Own Decaf Special Blend coffee! We pop a K-Cup in our Keurig and begin to take it all in – the sights, the smells…well, the smells, anyway. This coffee has a pleasing aroma and a smooth taste upon the first sip. The only con we see is a somewhat thin mouthfeel.

The Result: On a scale from 1-5, we rate Newman’s Own Decaf Special Blend K-Cups a 5! It’s an exceptional cup of coffee, even though it’s decaf.

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