Friday, May 10, 2013

CoffeeCON: Where the Superhero is the Coffee

"Coffee makes me invincible. But when the cup is empty, I return to mere mortal." 
~ Terri Guillemets 

CoffeeCON: Where the Superhero is the Coffee
There’s a convention for everything and everyone, nowadays. Literally hundreds, and even thousands, of people attend conventions all around the world, one of the most popular being ComicCON. Fans of comic books flock to ComicCON conventions in hopes of seeing a celebrity and fellowshipping with like-minded comic book enthusiasts. Some fans even dress the part in extravagant costumes and layers of makeup, just to look like their favorite superhero!

Sure, ComicCON sounds like a fun time, but when we heard about CoffeeCON, a convention where coffee is the superhero – well, we were sold! CoffeeCON 2013 was just held on May 4th in Illinois, and its second year running was a success. Tickets sold for $15 per person and attendees were thoroughly entertained with live music, free food samples, and of course, the star of the show – coffee! People were also able to attend seminars, learn how to make every type of coffee imaginable, and even meet a coffee farmer.

You could tell Kevin Sinnott of CoffeeCON was excited about people meeting a coffee farmer and understanding where coffee starts when he posted in his blog just a few days before the event. “All coffee start[s] with farmers. Can you imagine the wine culture without constant attention being given to where wines are grown? Everything at the farm level affects everything from then on. It’s surprising to me how many people who love coffee have never met a coffee farmer. That will change for everyone who attends CoffeeCON 2013.”

Kevin is also excited about next year and wonders if they should take CoffeeCON 2014 on the road. What do our CoffeeCow Fans think? Please feel free to share your experiences at a past coffee event or announce an upcoming event that may interest your fellow CoffeeCow Fans.

To hold you over until next year’s CoffeeCON event, shop CoffeeCOW today!

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