Friday, December 6, 2013

CoffeeCow Reviews Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve K-Cups

 Strong coffee lovers have been flocking to Green Mountain Organic  Sumatran Reserve, but for those that want an event stronger, bolder, espresso-like dark roast blend, we’re pulling a rabbit out of the hat with Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold K-cup. The truth is in the brew, so we rounded up our dark roast coffee enthusiasts around the Coffee Cow office to give their verdict on this très intense dark roast coffee blend.

The Test: We popped a K-cup into our Keurig coffee maker and immediately noticed its pleasing aroma with an espresso vibe. At first sip, we realized that Green Mountain’s Dark Magic coffee was the real deal. The flavor has a spellbinding complexity with a strong yet smooth taste combined with an almost ethereal sweetness. The K-cup was strong enough to deliver its bold, dark roast flavor on the largest cup setting on our Keurig Brewer. During a second round, we added a bit of flavored creamer and noted that this exceptional dark roast can easily be morphed into a latte experience. It’s obvious that this K-cup will also keep its flavor and strength as an iced coffee.

The Result: On a scale of 1-5, we give Green Mountain Dark Magic K-cup a 4.9. For serious coffee drinkers, this is a must-have first cup of coffee in the morning. We imagine this coffee will hit the spot during the mid-afternoon slump, as well! The body has an attractive feel and no bitter aftertaste. You will not find a blend like this on your average supermarket shelf. This coffee is for real coffee drinkers, but adventurous light and medium roast drinkers could learn to love its robust flavor.


General Information: Each box Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold Coffee K-Cups contains 24 single-serve cups for your Keurig K-Cup brewer.

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