Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Introducing New Mars Drinks Flavia Freshpacks

Coffee Cow has added Flavia Freshpacks from Mars Drinks to our growing inventory of featured products. We are now proud to offer Flavia Freshpacks in a variety of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty drink flavors.

Flavia is an international coffee brand owned by Mars Drinks, and a hot beverage system that prepares single serve beverages in brands like Peet's Coffee, The Bright Tea Co., Dove, Tazo Tea, Starbucks and more. 

You might think of Mars Drinks and think chocolate, because of their products like the Milky Way, Snickers bar or M&M's. However, Mars Inc. also manufactures a variety of beverages, in an assortment of coffee roasts and flavors. Enjoy the delicious cup of coffee or tea that only Flavia can provide from their single serve, foil-sealed ‘Fresh Packs,’ which serve as the brewing chamber themselves. Flavia customers love this design because it protects the Flavia coffee and teas from moisture and oxygen.

Explore our new section of Flavia Freshpacks today! 

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