Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dark Roast vs. Bold

Did you know that dark roast coffee and bold coffee are actually two different animals? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Many people mistake one for the other or think they’re the same, not realizing they are very different - right down to the process in which they’re made.

Dark Roast Coffee

What does the term “dark” mean when referring to coffee? Dark coffee generally deals with the roasting technique. When the roaster roasts the coffee beans, they go through what is referred to as the 1st crack and the 2nd crack. The term “crack” is actually the sound the beans make as they become hot in the roasting process. It sounds like popcorn popping, but the beans are actually cracking. The 1st crack creates light, mild, and the early part of the medium roasts, while the 2nd crack creates medium dark and dark roasts.

This means that the same beans roasted differently will have different flavor profiles. Darker roasts will have more of a smoky overtone with a little more bitterness on the finish while the lighter roasts will have more fruit and earthy qualities.

Roasters know that catastrophe strikes when roasting past the 2nd crack! Roasting past the 2nd crack leaves the beans overcooked, bitter, burnt, and less desirable, as most of their flavor will be lost.

At, we believe that coffee tasting is similar to wine tasting, and just as fun. Coffee has many flavor wheels, charts, and an entire process to roast and triple taste a coffee to determine the best roasting method for the bean. Try brands such as Dolce Gusto: Dark Roast/Grande Intenso, Tassimo Gevalia: Dark Italian Roast T-Discs and Wolfgang Puck: South Pacific Organic Pods, just to name a few.

If You Gotta Be Bold, Try Bold Flavored Coffee

Could singer/songwriter Des’ree really be talking about coffee in the 1994 hit song entitled “You Gotta Be”? Sure, love will save the day, too. We’re just saying that coffee - especially bold coffee - is just as capable of saving the day.

Let’s start with the basics and explain what “bold” means when you’re referring to coffee. In general, bold coffee simply means there’s more coffee flavor.

Think of it like this: Say you use a teaspoon of coffee to make a 6 oz. cup of regular coffee. The bold coffee would be like using two teaspoons of coffee to make the same 6 oz. cup, leaving you with more coffee flavor instead of just more coffee.

Oh, and we’re bold alright. Bold enough to carry coffee with those day-saving, bold flavors you love! Savor the boldness with brands such as Cafe Classics: Classic Bold Pods, Green Mountain: Double Black Diamond X-Bold K-Cups and Emeril's: Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cups.

As Des’ree might say, all I know, all I know is coffee will save the day. For a full list of our coffee products, visit today!

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