Thursday, June 28, 2012

How To Choose a Single Serve Coffee Maker

Ready to trade in your traditional drip coffee brewer for a single serve coffee maker? Confused by all the options? is here to make the process easier by helping you find your perfect single serve coffee maker!

Tassimo single serve coffee makers utilize T-Discs and have a wide range of brewing capabilities, from brewing a real espresso to milk-based lattes and cappuccinos. If you find that Starbucks is like your second home, a Tassimo brewer may be the right fit for you. With its boutique coffee drinks and a price range from $100 to $200, you’re getting quite a brewer for your buck.

LavAzza Espresso Point
LavAzza Espresso Point, aka the brewer that brings the taste of Italy to your morning cup of coffee. This single serve brewer takes beverage capsules and is also in the $100 to $ 200 price range, which is way cheaper than a plane ticket to Italy. The LavAzza Espresso Point brewer has a unique capability in that it can even make vegetable broth! What will they think of next?

LavAzza Blue
Welcome to the world of luxury and efficiency! LavAzza Blue coffee makers utilize pre-programmed one-touch buttons, so making coffee in this single serve coffee maker is even easier. This machine also uses capsules and is equipped with a one-gallon tank and a steam wand. LavAzza Blue has been described as the new frontier of the single serve coffee maker.

Single Cup Coffee Brewer Comparison - Click to enlarge!

Dolce Gusto
Dolce Gusto single serve coffee makers have the most variation for the lowest price – you’re able to snag one for between $70 and $200. Like LavAzza brewers, Dolce Gusto also utilizes capsules. This coffee maker’s uniqueness lies in the Custom Control Lever, giving you even more control over your coffee without added effort.

One of the most popular & well-known brands, Keurig single serve coffee makers have quite a following. Keurig’s K-cups provide convenient, gourmet coffee at your fingertips. Keurig also offers the widest variety in coffee beverages – if you can’t seem to make up your mind, try one of each! The cost for these single serve brewers can range anywhere from $70 - $300.

Pod Brewers
If you’re looking for a simple, no frills single serve coffee maker, we’ve got you covered there, too! Pod brewers can make both hot tea and coffee. Price ranges anywhere from $70 - $200 and great for the environment, as these Pods are also recyclable! 


With such benefits as ease of use, convenience and the taste of a freshly brewed cup of coffee every time, single serve coffee makers are on the rise and still rising. The chart above will aide in making your search a bit easier. Good luck finding your perfect single serve coffee maker & please contact us for more information. We’d be happy to help you with your quest to find your one true brewer!

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