Friday, October 19, 2012

Black Ivory Coffee - for the Coffee Enthusiast or Extremist?

Been to the zoo lately? When you think of elephants, you probably think of safari adventures, a daytrip to the zoo or maybe a thrilling evening at the circus. Thanks to The Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas, we can also think of coffee. Why? Because they serve a specialty coffee called Black Ivory, brewed from naturally refined beans. In fact, you couldn’t get more natural than this, considering the refining process is feeding elephants Thai Arabica coffee beans and waiting for the beans to – erhm – come back out.

All poop jokes aside, this newest animal poop coffee craze, along with the 2010 introduction of “cat poop coffee” or Kopi Luwak, got us thinking – how far would you go to try the best, most expensive coffee on the market? Do you think coffee enthusiasts everywhere are clamoring to get their hands on a cup of this java or is it the extremists looking for the next fad?

Advice from your friends at – if you’re looking to try a sip of this coffee, just be careful who you purchase it from as people have been known to sell faux Black Ivory coffee. It’s no wonder why since the real deal sells for about $50 a cup and $1,100 for just two pounds!

If Black Ivory ever comes out in a K-Cup, we’ll be sure to let you know. For now, check out our current K-Cup selection today!

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