Friday, October 5, 2012

The Art of Coffee Cupping

What is coffee cupping? Are there people out there who drink coffee on a professional level?

Coffee cupping, much like wine tasting, is the art of tasting and describing different types of coffee. This procedure can be done informally by anyone at anytime, anywhere. Nowadays, the coffee cupping procedure is considered standard industry practice. At, we enjoy helping our customers decide on their coffee purchase with our coffee tasting reviews. It’s especially helpful when you’re looking to try a new coffee blend or roast, as we’ll cover coffee characteristics such as aroma, “mouthfeel” and (of course) taste.

There’s an app for that! The coffee cupping app has been available since 2010 for iPhones and iPads. It’s said to be an intuitive app, allowing you to record the different types of coffee you taste throughout your day. The coffee cupping app specifically records all the characteristics of coffee so that you can store the information for future reference.

One more thing – they DO exist! “Master Tasters” are professional coffee tasters.

Whether you consider yourself a professional “Master Taster” or just the average Joe who loves a cup o’ Joe, CoffeeCow encourages you to take a stab at the art of coffee cupping!

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