Friday, December 21, 2012

More Year End Gift Ideas from CoffeeCow

More Year End Gift Ideas from CoffeeCow
Still scratching your head when it comes to gift ideas? Look no further! Besides getting your loved one (who loves coffee, of course!) a gift from, like any of our Keurig starter collections, here are some other creative gift ideas to consider:

Coffee Jewelry: If you didn’t know, coffee jewelry is a thing. If you have the time, you can even try a coffee jewelry DIY project! Who doesn’t love a matching earring and necklace set made of coffee beans? What about a ring that expresses your true love – coffee? If these ideas aren’t grabbing your attention as the perfect gift, simply perform an image search for “coffee jewelry” and plenty more ideas are sure to flood your computer screen.

Coffee Recipes: If your coffee lover also loves to cook, how about a coffee recipe book? A whole book chock full of recipes using the ingredient they love the most – COFFEE!

Coffee Gadgets: Consider giving your gadget-lovin’ coffee drinker a fancy electronic device like a coffee mug warmer for the home or office. A gift like that is sure to show the coffee enthusiast in your life that you’re really thinking of them!

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