Friday, January 25, 2013

Coffee: Solving the World’s Problems, One Cup at a Time

Problems Solved With Coffee
The Scenario: You just found out this morning that you’re entertaining your family tonight! Before sheer panic sets in, take a deep breath – you got this. Tonight’s dinner and festivities will be a breeze and you have the perfect idea for a party theme – COFFEE!

The Solution: CoffeeCow’s Pinterest page – aka visual coffee inspiration at your fingertips. Our Pinterest page literally features everything coffee, from coffee décor to coffee recipes, and even coffee funnies to help you calm down before the big rush. Now that you’re fully equipped with ideas, time to go shopping!

The Result: Now that the evening is over and all your guests have left, you take another deep breath. You feel pretty confident that you’ve nailed the perfect get-to-together in less than 24 hours. All throughout the night you overheard guests commenting how well put together the evening was and, when you were asked how you came up with such a fabulous idea, you just grinned and exclaimed “You can’t go wrong with coffee!”

Visit today and stock up on a variety of coffee, whether it’s just for you or in preparation for a surprise family gathering. We’re always featuring high-quality coffee specials, so make sure to check in on a regular basis!

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