Monday, January 21, 2013

Is Coffee Variety the Spice of Life?

Is Coffee Variety the Spice of Life?
At CoffeeCow, we believe that variety has the ability to “spice” up our lives. After all, life couldn’t possibly become boring if we’re always trying new and different things! We think this can ring true for your taste buds, as well…

Which brings us to the question – is coffee variety the spice of life?

Ever love a specific food or beverage so much that you just HAD to enjoy it at every meal of the day? It may not have been too long before you became absolutely sick of what you once loved. We’re not suggesting you can’t stay loyal to your one true brew! We’re just saying that something as simple as trying a new brew every once in a while can have an impact on your psyche that you never realized.

Maybe you’re nervous about purchasing a new and different coffee when there’s a chance you may not like it – enter K-Cup coffee variety samplers! With a Keurig brewer, variety samplers not only make great gifts (especially if you’re unsure of what the other person likes), but they’re also the perfect way to try new coffees. Furthermore, you’ll be known as the host with the most when you’re always able to offer guests a variety of coffee!

Try one, try them all!  

Don’t forget - we have tea K-Cups, too!

Visit and COW-llect them all today!

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