Friday, March 8, 2013

Coffee Cocktails


Maybe you’re at work right now, daydreaming about your plans for this evening - is a tentative Happy Hour on the agenda? As it gets later in the day, it’s possible you may become hesitant about going anywhere and doing anything. You’re thinking you’d rather head home, throw on comfy pajamas, and have dinner in bed with your good friends Television and Remote Control. How is it that you were looking forward to a night of socializing and now you’re almost dreading it?

Solution: Add coffee to your spirits!

Hazelnut Expresso White Russians - A decadent, nutty cocktail with a kick of coffee. |

Check out these hot and iced coffee cocktails to stay awake and have fun tonight:

Hot Nutty Irishman Coffee: Delicious to the last drop and so simple to make, a cup of Nutty Irishman Coffee is like drinking your dessert!

Hot Mexican Coffee: Take a trip to Cabo and be there in 5 minutes with this mouth-watering Mexican Coffee recipe.

Espresso Martini: With so many varieties of Espresso Martinis, you could pretty much say the possibilities are endless.

Coffee Sambuca: Looking for an authentic Italian coffee beverage? All you need is some chilled Sambuca and 3 coffee beans with this Coffee Sambuca recipe. I mean, could it get any easier?

Happy Hour may end up at your house one night. Be prepared and stock up on all your coffee needs at today!

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