Friday, March 1, 2013

What Do Cats & Coffee Have in Common?

If you’re an animal lover, you know there’s nothing like sitting down with a nice, hot cup of coffee and a loving pet by your side. But what if you aren’t able to own a pet?

Answer: Visit a cat café!  in Philadelphia PA.

Philadelphia Cat Cafe

Cat cafés have been very popular in Japan and are now finding their way to London in May 2013. The owner of this up-and-coming café, Lauren Pears, saw a need for some feline therapy in London and came up with the idea. She explained that a large number of British city dwellers are often unable to own pets due to financial reasons, small apartments, or living in a rented home. Lauren decided to give some coffee and kitty lovin’ people their dream – a place they could go to sip gourmet coffee, spend time with good company, and relax, all while giving some felines a snazzy home!

So the cats don’t get too stressed out with the in-and-out business a café can bring, Lauren introduced a cover charge so that patrons of the café could stay as long as they like without feeling rushed and the cats can get to know the patrons. She even came up with the idea of allowing people to take care of the cats overnight when they are not able to afford the cover charge.

What Do Cats & Coffee Have in Common?
Not only are pets great companions, they can also help people cope with difficult situations in life. Dogs and cats can be brought in for “pet therapy” and help patients with depression, children with autism, and bring comfort to the elderly. Pet therapy has even been used to ease one’s fear of hospitals!

Who’s up for bringing the United States its very first cat café?

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