Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Make Iced Coffee at Home with These Few Easy Steps

Instead of making time-consuming and costly trips to your local café each morning, consider making your iced coffee at home instead.

It’s much easier than you might think, not to mention it can be ready in minutes. With iced coffee season upon us, most of us would prefer an iced beverage in the morning over a hot one, which is why iced coffee is the coffee favorite in spring and summer. All you will need to make your own iced coffee at home is:
·         Grinded coffee beans or ground coffee
·         Ice
·         Drip Coffee maker.

Start with brewing a big batch of coffee in your drip coffee maker. There are two options from here depending on how much time you have. Either store the big coffee batch in a container and refrigerate it overnight, or use double the coffee grounds and instantly pour the coffee over ice. If you go with the instant option, the coffee won’t get watery when the ice melts because it’s double the strength of your usual coffee.

Now that you’re familiar with the steps of making your own iced coffee, there are a few extra tips to make your iced coffee taste like a barista made it. Using quality coffee beans or ground coffee is an important factor in achieving a truly delicious cup of iced coffee at home. Luckily, Coffee Cow has all your favorite brands, including Starbucks.

Another component to making a great cup of iced coffee at home is making your own iced coffee ice cubes. Simply freeze your leftover coffee and the next day, drop them into your iced coffee so that when they melt they add even more coffee flavor to your beverage.

Don’t forget the creamer!

Voila! You can now enjoy iced coffee in the comfort of your own home. Are you surprised at how easy it is?

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