Friday, November 23, 2012

CoffeeCow Reviews Diedrich Rio Blend Coffee K-Cups

CoffeeCow Reviews Diedrich Rio Blend Coffee K-Cups
It’s that time of year when consumers hit the retail stores to take advantage of the best sales. If you’re thinking of going shopping this week, remember to bring a great-tasting cup of coffee along for the ride. That cup o’ joe could go a long way and may even motivate you to stick in there in moments of doubt – you know, when you’re standing in long, never-ending lines or fighting to the death for that last item on the shelf. In a sense, the perfect cup of coffee could potentially help you save a substantial amount of moo-lah.

At CoffeeCow, we’re always on the lookout for the newest and greatest coffee on the market. That’s why we’re inviting you to take a trip with us today! We’re headed to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where we will get acquainted with Diedrich Rio Blend Coffee K-Cups. Let’s see if this K-Cup lives up to its South American roots.

General Information: Diedrich’s Rio Blend Coffee contains 24 single serve cups per box for use in your Keurig machine.

The Test: After mentally preparing for our mini-vacation, we popped a Rio Blend K-Cup in our Keurig and were pleased within moments. The aroma alone is enough to get your mouth watering, as it’s almost chocolate-like! With that said, letting the coffee cool down before sipping is highly recommended.

Upon first sip, this medium-roasted coffee speaks for itself. Rio Blend is sweet with hints of dried fruit and has a pleasant mouthfeel. This java is just right – not too strong, not too weak, but perfection in a K-Cup. The caffeine boost you get is, in a word, GRAND!

The Result: On a scale from 1-5, we rate Diedrich Rio Blend Coffee K-Cups a 5. Try this coffee black or with cream – it’s tasty any way you have it.

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